An Art Glass designer for over 25 years, Hope Kirk-Thornton's self-described obsession with glass, be it functional, decorative or both, has refined her work into an instantly recognizable and sought-after style.

The result is Splendor in the Glass.

While working in both traditional and contemporary styles, Kirk-Thornton creates each one-of-a-kind piece to fit the unique needs of her clients. Her work, commissioned by businesses and individuals alike - whether it be mirrors, window panels or door sidelights - enliven any environment by revealing its true colors through light.

Pieces from the artist's personal work, featuring various designs, are also available.


About the Artist

Hope Kirk-Thornton has always been people-oriented. An art educator for 19 years, collectible glass is her personal passion and indulgence.

At Splendor in the Glass, she designs and creates high-quality original art glass for the aesthetic enrichment of her client's lives. Work commissioned by a business or individual is unique to them, designed to fit their personal style. While her personal works explore unique configurations, and often incorporate unexpected elements, her focus for Splendor in the Glass is to work one-on-one with her clients, to create artwork for their home or business. She does all the work, from concept to clean-up. And while this often means, depending on size, type of materials and complexity of design that some projects may take weeks or even months to complete, the end result is...timeless.



The artist works in both traditional and contemporary styles. The designs may be representational or non-objective; made with colored, clear, smooth or textured glass, fabricated using leaded and foiled techniques or a combination of these.

Your home or business will always stand out from others with the addition of art glass. Use glass signage, for example, for a numerical address or business name. Removable panels add color and personality to rental homes, condos, and apartments. Large windows are great, but they often create a need for privacy. Drapery, carpeting and furniture, fade, and become damaged by bright sunlight over time.

Art glass window panels let in that beautiful light without its damaging effects, while also reducing the glare on computer or TV screens - and perhaps best of all, the cost of cooling rooms that become overheated by the sun. Art glass is often essential, as well, in the restoration or preservation of windows and doors in historic buildings.

For more information about the artist, her process, and her products, please feel free to download the Splendor in the Glass Fact Sheet.

(This file is available in Adobe PDF format. You can quickly download the FREE Acrobat Reader HERE.)


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